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As I had reported recently we have been ministering to a woman in the law enforcement field. I had used the name Brenda for anonymity however, I realized I had used that recently for a different ministry case. So I will cal her Teresa in this blog. Teresa had come in contact with witches in her past. Teresa has had much contact with darkness throughout her career. Working with criminals of all types. Teresa has worked cases of murder, rape, theft sexual perversion and more for decades. All of these cases have created numerous ungodly soul ties. Through these ungodly soul ties numerous soul invaders were present within Teresa’s broken heart.

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Several former coworkers and boy friends had invaded Teresa’s soul. They had done witch craft against her. Spells of failure, destruction, infirmities and more were sent to Teresa. These co workers means of evil were washed in the blood of Jesus rendering them useless to them. Pictures of Teresa, hair and clothing were used by the witches and warlocks to astral project, send demons and invade her soul. This sounds science fiction to most people yet we come across it all the time in deliverance’s. This stuff is real. Witches are real and they seek to destroy you if you love Jesus.

Well on this day Jesus delivered Teresa from these wicked soul invaders and all of their demons. One former colleague who had done witch craft said she wasn’t going to leave her. She wanted to destroy Teresa. I commanded this person to hold the cross. This weakened them and they confessed that Jesus’s power was greater than theirs. They were then sent out of Teresa never to return. The Holy Angels were then used to smite the demons of death, destruction, witchcraft, infirmities and more. This weakened them and they were commanded out to the abyss in Jesus name!

Teresa’s broken heart was also healed by Jesus during this session and other generational spirits were removed. Jesus has overcome all darkness. Teresa had no idea these former co workers had invaded her soul through witch craft. Have you reached out to Jesus and asked Him for deliverance. Do you experience, set back, illnesses and more. Maybe you need deliverance from the dark forces of witch craft. We are here for you reach out to us with an email and we will help as the Holy Spirit leads.

All the Glory to Jesus! Troy Rockers

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