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Soul Ties – The Ties That Bind

In the past I have taught on soul ties.  If you haven’t read those newsletters you can find info on our blog. We have shared how soul ties are created through negative emotions, sexual activity outside of marriage, traumatic events and sins.  Examples are if you have had sex with someone prior to marriage, your soul is tied to their soul. (Your flesh also becomes one, which needs to be dealt with as well on a spiritual level.  That is a different subject and not the same as the soul tie.)  If you had physical, or emotional trauma that involved others then your souls could likely be tied together.  If you committed a sin such as a theft in your youth, or witchcraft like a Ouija board, then you probably have soul ties to the other individuals involved.  Last, but not least if someone hates, is angry, jealous, wants revenge or projects other vindictive emotions toward you then they can create a soul tie to you, through these emotions.

1 Samuel18:1 Now when he had finished speaking to Saul, the soul of Jonathan was knit to the soul of David, and Jonathan loved him as his own soul.

You see here in scripture that soul ties are real.  They can be Godly to your spouse or other loved ones.  Yet the devil twists and copies anything he can for his devices.

In deliverance sessions recently and in the past the Holy Spirit has guided me to have people cut soul ties to actual physical places, such as colleges, schools, Pagan grounds like Indian places the people visited.  Other examples are Pagan concert grounds and events.  How did the person have ties to these places, you ask?  Through sin a tie can be created to those places.  Also just entering some Pagan places can possibly give the right for the evil one to send his minions to torment you.

One example is I recall going through a museum a few years ago and there was an entire section set up as a Hindu temple.  I was reserved about entering as other extended family members entered.  As I went in a few steps and was convicted by the Holy Spirit to leave – that it was an initiation, or a way for the enemy to have a right to attack me.  Why? Because I was walking on cursed grounds dedicated to false Gods.

Regarding colleges, and schools if sins were committed there then you could have soul ties that need cut in Jesus’ name.  These higher learning facilities have many spirits attached to them.  Mind Control, Illuminati, rebellion, pride are just a few to name.  Other physical structures or things that you may have soul ties to are work and Churches.  If you have someone cursing the business you work at and you’re an employee there then those curses can land on you.  Cut soul ties to your actual work company.  Yes, work there and love your job but don’t be tied to it spiritually.

You may ask why or how can a soul tie be a problem with my Church.  I will give you a real life testimony.  A few years ago we had a sister in the Lord who was under a physical infirmity.   This affliction was a demonic attack.  The weapons were sent to her Church by a local coven of witches.  Since she was one of the members in the Church it allowed the weapons to hit her.  I led her through a prayer to cut soul ties to her church and she healed from her ailment.

So separate yourself from these physical locations spiritually.  Pray and ask the Holy Spirit to show you what you need to cut off you.  You should only be tied to Christ and your earthly spouse.


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