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Your Ministry is Right in Front of You

Do you understand that your ministry is right in front of you? I came to this realization a while back, Troy had at the time been trying to figure out how to reach people for ministry. We were at a family gathering with his family and I was visiting with his sister. I could see she was upset and needed inner healing. It was at that moment the Lord spoke clearly to me and very gently said ” You don’t have to go looking for hurting people, they are right in front of you.” I remember telling Troy about this.

We have the opportunity to see hurting people every day in our clinic. Troy is a Chiropractor by trade and I am his assistant, so we have people come to us daily with different ailments. We had a new sign put on the outside of our building some time back that says ” A place of Healing”.

For a while Troy was concerned with keeping the ministry and the practice separate. And this is important for legal reasons, you don’t want to cross lines that could be misinterpreted. So we have adopted the position that we will pray for our patients indirectly unless led by the Holy Spirit directly. And this worked fairly well, however the Holy Spirit had a different purpose for us. We don’t stop being ministers because we are wearing a different hat or scrubs in our case. More and more people were coming in that we knew had spiritual problems that were directly causing their physical problems.

The Holy Spirit Sent Them For Ministry

More and more we had people come to us that would manifest demons in front of us. We also had many many people that would start crying, their broken heart parts would manifest. I can honestly not keep track anymore of how many times this happened. It occurred to me louder then ever this morning as I was using a laser to treat a woman for her migraine, that The Holy Spirit sent her to us, because He directly told me He did.

A woman with infirmity needs Ministry

I will call her Alice for privacy purposes. This poor woman is so bound by infirmity and she has been to many doctors for a rare condition. She had called us to get in and we had not seen her for some time. She was in bad shape when she came in, barely able to walk carrying a bucket in case she had to get sick. Troy treated her as best as he could, he also with her permission prayed for her. This really impacted her, as she went home and started thinking about her situation and how she had drifted from God.

At her following appointments we continued to treat her as best as we physically could. I could see she was improved but not well. Troy called me into his office, when he does this with a patient I know he is going to have us pray over the patient a little more in depth. This was the case with Alice. When I walked in I could see she was crying. She began to share with us how she felt that God’s healing was for everyone else, but not her. She wasn’t worthy, she wasn’t important. Alice also has a young 2 year old daughter who her parents care for more often then she does. She felt so sad that she can never be active with the child who like all children loves to play and run outside.

As I looked out the window I could see this precious child playing with her grandmother while her mother was inside with us. Alice began to say that she basically thought her child would be better off with out her. This is where I stepped in and told her to not say that, her child needed her. We began to explain how our words hold weight. As tears flowed down her eyes we began to minister to her in love.

We came against demons of infirmity, rejection, death, etc. Troy had explained to her that the enemy was lying to her and that she must not agree with these evil thoughts. This is a very condensed version of this encounter, but the important thing is she received the prayer. Her despair turned into hope right in front of us. We closed by praying for her to be comforted by the Holy Spirit. A few days later she came back and her countenance was complete changed. She shared how she had gotten worse over the weekend and was taken to the emergency center at a local hospital. It was here the Holy Spirit moved on her and healed her. She was prepared to die, but He lovingly brought her to healing. Her healing came to her when she turned completely to Him.

Demons Manifested From Ministry

Another situation happened with a woman I will call Cagney. Cagney is a police detective who has been in the trenches investigating the worst crimes for decades. She had been through numerous doctors for various problems, the most recent is loud ringing in her ears that came upon her after she had an accident at work. We knew that she had seen another deliverance minister, because he was the one that had referred her to us for the physical ailments she was having. As we gently started asking her about how her accident happened she began manifesting right in front of us. Her whole body began shaking uncontrollably, so we immediately started binding the demons within her. Again this is the condensed version of what happened, this would begin a relationship that would continue with many sessions for deliverance.

Spirit of Death Manifests

Some time back when we first began doing deliverance we were at work. I was waiting in the car for Troy to come out as a patient had dropped by for a quick visit. He called me on my cell phone and said I needed to come in right away. When I came in I saw the woman who was laying on the floor completely out. The Holy Spirit told me immediately that this was a spirit of death.

This spirit will kill you, and when it manifests it is often will throw the person down and they will appear dead. Troy and I began binding the demon of death and slowly the woman came to. She hadn’t been aware at all what had happened! Wow, I thought what happened here? Well, Troy had prayed for her for healing, and death manifested. Be prepared if the anointing is on you demons will manifest, the brokenhearted will cry.

As Christians we need to understand that we have authority over demons and over all the power of the enemy. We can’t shrink away from the hurting, the demonized, the desperate. They are all around us, and they will most certainly be right in front of you. You don’t have to go looking for them. The Lord will send them to you. It is up to you to answer the call.

These are just a couple of very shortened versions of encounters we have had in the office. There have been numerous times that we have prayed for people here. The Lord sends them, and it has become more and more obvious as time goes by that this is orchestrated by Him.

What do you do when someone asks you for ministry?

When someone comes to us for private ministry we will prepare them ahead of time with what ever the Holy Spirit directs. Sometimes this can include fasting, and praying warfare prayers. Troy and I will always start with curse breaking, because breaking generational curses. This is not something that we are not taught in church or even discussed much. When you go to see your doctor for the first time, or any doctor they always want to know about your family history. They understand that certain conditions travel down in families. For instance heart health, diabetes, cancers etc. They will also usually ask if there are “psychiatric issues” such as depression, anxiety etc.

Generational curses will travel down the bloodlines. And if they are not addressed they will not just go away on their own. Like genes can be dispersed in different ways, so too generational curses do. Once we break curses we will search for any wounded parts in the person seeking deliverance. This is where evil spirits can be hiding. They must be rooted out. There are many other things that we do during deliverance but this is the broad overview of what it looks like.

How do you help someone who manifest in front of you?

You won’t be able to do these things if for instance someone manifests in front of you. So how do you handle it if someone starts showing strong emotions, or manifests? First and foremost pray right away. Ask Holy Spirit to show you how to proceed. If a broken heart comes forward, bring comfort and love. Sometimes a person just needs to express their grief, or sadness or what ever it is that is coming forward. If you sense there is a spiritual factor, and the person is open to it ask them if you can pray for them. You won’t find many people that will refuse prayer, many are so thankful that you care enough. The Holy Spirit can move on a situation quickly when you pray earnestly.

Before ministry always pray first

I will share an example, you are with a person who has had a lot of fear in their lives and becomes very afraid while you are with them. It’s a good idea to separate spirits of fear completely from the person. This can be done by binding the spirit and commanding them to release the person. You can then be free to minister to the fearful part. Evil spirits will be holding on to the part of the person and pushing up fear. Troy goes into a lot more detail on our Armory site.

I would say the most important thing to do in any situation that requires ministry is to pray! Be ready though, because there are hurting people everywhere. The Lord will open your eyes to them if you are a willing person to be used by the Holy Spirit. We are after all the hands and feet of our Lord Jesus Christ!

 I solemnly charge you in the presence of God and of Christ Jesus, who is to judge the living and the dead, and by His appearing and His kingdom: preach the word; be ready in season and out of season; reprove, rebuke, exhort, with [a]great patience and instruction 2 timothy 4

Blessings from your sister in Christ,


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  1. Thank you, I really enjoyed reading more about your ministry and the fact that you explained what to do- it’s so important. I have been to a couple of Troy’s deliverance ministry teachings
    I was blessed and my brother too. When we left the church it was dusk but both of us said it was the most defined and focused our eyes were seeing- we both experienced the same visual experience – the blue was bluer the clouds more defined- it was like a veil covering our eyes had been lifted. I don’t know what that means but it was touching and a sign that something had cleared in us. Thank you. May Our Loving Father continue to guide and bless you both and your ministry

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