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Reunited with miscarried babies in Heaven!

I ministered to a woman recently who had miscarried several times in her life. The woman I will call Trisha for privacy purposes had manifested a broken heart and evil spirits of fear earlier at a deliverance meeting.  

As I began ministering to her, the broken part of her heart that was 5 years old came forward.  This part had fear, loss, abandonment and more from her parents divorcing at that age.  This is very traumatic for the soul at a young age to have your parents split apart.  Not knowing what the future had in store for her home life caused heart break.  This part was swiftly guided to Jesus and entered Heaven with Him.   

I then confronted the demonic kingdom.  As I confronted the demon of fear other spirits were present.  This included Jezebel.  This spirit claimed to be the strongman but the Holy Spirit was telling me different.  Lucifer was the strongman and entered the blood line more than 4 centuries prior as her ancestors did animal sacrifices.  This strongman was commanded to release all the broken parts of her heart.  When this was done the broken parts surfaced from her adult life.  Trisha had miscarried 4 times throughout her life, which broke her heart.  These parts had lost their babies and were in grief and sorrow.  I asked Trisha’s broken heart if she would like Jesus to bring her baby to her for healing.  She said, “Yes”.

As Jesus came forward with the most recent baby that was miscarried she wept, as Jesus held him.  I asked her if she would like to hold him?  She wanted to and Jesus placed the baby in her arms.  She wept but her sorrow turned to joy.  I then asked if she would like to hold all of her babies?  She did and Jesus brought them to her.  As she held them all crying I asked her if it was ok for Jesus to hug her and her babies.  She desired this and as Jesus held her she began to heal and all of her sorrow left. She then gave the babies back to Jesus knowing they were safe and that she would see them again.  These parts of her heart were then healed with her core heart.  

Then the strongman Lucifer and all of his kingdom were confronted again.  These spirits confessed to murdering the babies in the womb.  They also confessed to giving her pain in her back and spine.  They also had sent weapons and demons of Ahab to the husband.  A serpentine spirit, death, murder, rejection, abandonment, Baal, mind control and more were present.  These demons were evicted to the pit along with the strongman.  Jesus brought much needed freedom to Trisha and her destiny.

The 5 year old part that had fear was then spoken to who was still with Jesus in Heaven.  The 5 year old had been playing in a park at a play area.  Jesus had been swinging her on a swing set.  She was healed and ready to come back to the core.  

Jesus is the healer and desires for you to be free and whole from your past heart break.  Reach out to Him today!

God Bless Troy

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