Witch Working For Christian Brings Curses

We recently started ministering to a woman from out of state via Face Time.  This Saint has a strong faith in the Lord and has recently come to know about deliverance.  She realized that she needs deliverance and inner healing.  Ann and I began ministering to her with an opening prayer.  Just this prayer she began to manifest symptoms of nausea.  We would learn later it was due to a witch working for her. We then started with generational curse breaking prayers.  She had several manifestations of heart parts attempting to surface.  

As the witchcraft curse breaking prayers were broken we confronted tarot cards and other evil spirits.  We knew these were present due to her history.  When she was young someone had read cards over her at a haunted house!  She didn’t realize what they were doing at the time.  These soul ties were cut and spirits evicted.  As this was done, Brenda revealed to us that one of her employees does tarot card readings.  Now understand, Brenda has never had her do this on her or in her shop.  However, she is an independent contractor renting a space in her shop.  Brenda owns a beauty salon.  As the soul ties were cut off of Brenda from the employee, my wife Ann was hit with loud buzzing in her ear.  We commanded all curses broken from this witch and commanded all demons and her, out of Brenda. 

Brenda received deliverance from witchcraft, divination, fortune telling, tarot cards, Ouija board, rebellion, fear and torment spirits at this session.  We then educated her on being unequally yoked with unbelievers.  How we are to be the light and present the Gospel but to not be tied or yoked with unbelievers.  You see the enemy will use these ties to send you all sorts of destruction as taught above in the article I wrote.  Ask the Holy Spirit today who you need to separate from spiritually.  Who are you yoked to that you shouldn’t be?

God Bless Troy

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