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Soul Ties Broken Brings Heart Healing!

As I reported last week we began ministering to a woman out of state via Face Time.  We met with her again today for ministry.  Prior to the call I was in prayer about what to do with her today.  All I heard was the Holy Spirit telling me “SOUL TIES”, “SOUL TIES”.  So when we met with her we taught about soul ties again.  We then began having her cut soul ties form partners in the past.  Brenda first cut soul ties and one flesh unions to an ex boyfriend who she was with while separated from her husband. This man was emotionally abusive, and had other sexual partners while with Brenda.  As the soul ties were cut between this man and his other sexual partners, Brenda’s broken heart came forward crying from the hurts and wounds of the past.  These broken parts had rejection and loss.  The broken heart parts  were directed to Jesus for healing.  The demons of lust, perversion, rejection, shame, sadness and loss were evicted to the pit. 

Brenda had an ex-fiance who she was very in love with for 2 years.  As there relationship progressed he began to relapse to pot smoking, alcohol and became emotionally abusive.  He had problems with these things in the past but had stopped using prior to meeting Brenda.  The soul ties were cut from this man and immediately her broken heart surfaced.  This part was hurt and felt abandoned.  Word curses were broken off of Brenda and this part of her heart was directed to Jesus for healing.  Binding’s were broken off of her heart that the demons had placed on her and weapons removed from her mind.  Demons of mind control, rejection and more were cast out of her.
We then led Brenda to cut soul ties from her ex-husband.  She said she gets along with him fine today and has forgiven him.  Yet when soul ties were cut from him part of her heart began to cry.  This part was upset and angry with him that he didn’t see what a good wife she was.  That he didn’t help her or defend her from a foster child they had who was abusive toward’s her.  This part forgave her ex-husband and went with Jesus as well. Holy Angels were called upon to bring forth a healing balm of Gilead to place on her heart.  The Holy Angels were also used to loose her from other demons and removed them from her flesh in Jesus name. 

Soul ties were also cut between Brenda and her foster children.  Heart parts went with Jesus and demons of murder, fear and death were sent to the abyss!  Word curses were broken off of Brenda as well which brought deliverance.

Please continue to pray for Brenda’s full deliverance and healing in Jesus mighty name.

Troy Rockers

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