Reconcile the Past

To reconcile your past is of the utmost importance for deliverance and freedom in Christ. We ministered deliverance once again to Brenda the police officer. As the ministry session began the Holy Spirit spoke to me. We were to minister to Brenda’s heart. Ann heard, “reconcile the past” from the Lord. So we began to ask Brenda what she needed to reconcile from her past that she needed to give to Jesus.

Brenda said, she had guilt over not letting her children be around her mentally ill mother. Guilt for not speaking to her dad prior to his passing about eternal things. Guilt for not being a good enough mother, guilt for her marriage failing. There was much guilt and self condemnation. She also had to forgive her sister and herself from the past and give it all to Jesus. When she released all of this to Jesus broken heart parts that had anger came forward. These parts gave their anger to Jesus and went to Him for healing.

Deliverance comes from reconciliation

reconcile girl with fingers pointed at her

The demons of guilt, condemnation and self condemnation were commanded to leave Brenda and sent to the abyss in Jesus mighty name. Then the spirit of rejection was commanded to release all of Brenda’s heart. There were many parts that forgave everyone in the past who rejected her as well as herself. These parts went to Jesus for healing. Demons of rejection, anger, pride, vindictiveness, hatred, jealousy and more were sent to the pit releasing Brenda. Trauma was removed from her through prayers over her flesh and restoration was prayed over her.

When we hold onto anything from the past that doesn’t align with the word of God it only allows the devil to keep us in bondage. When you give your past pain to Jesus then freedom comes. People everywhere walk around every day around you holding onto the past. Rejection, bitterness, anger, resentment, jealousy, fears and more from the past need to be given to Jesus! You are a new creation in Christ Jesus. The old you must be given over to him for full freedom. Reconcile your heart to the past. If you need help in this area please reach out to us today! We are here to help. God bless, Troy Rockers

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