two people tied together through soul ties

Heart break healing brings deliverance!

Once again we ministered to Brenda (fictitious name for privacy purposes) recently. Brenda has heart break from her past that needs to be healed by Jesus. At the beginning of this particular meeting I instructed her that her broken heart must be given to Jesus. She was in agreement and ready for deliverance. I then began to have her repeat after me some prayers. When I got to the part renouncing astral projectors and soul invaders she quivered ever so slightly. I then asked her if she felt anything as she prayed this prayer. She wasn’t sure but I was confident I saw something there. As I then spoke to any astral projectors or soul invaders Brenda heard the name Lynn.

Lynn was her ex-boyfriend of 4 years. Brenda had hoped for marriage and a long lasting relationship with her. Unfortunately this would not happen. Lynn hit on Brenda’s younger daughter as well as her older one. He had told Brenda he had done astral projection in the past. Well sure enough he was astral projecting to Brenda. He wanted revenge on her for their break up. With the help of demons he was also holding broken parts of Brenda and her daughter’s hostage. Brenda’s daughters heart break was from the failed relationship of their mother. The youngest one had hoped for a new dad that was nice. When Lynn hit on her it broke her heart. The older daughter was protecting the younger daughter. Both daughters also had broken hearts from other men Lynn had over as well as boy friends.

These broken fragmented parts were sent to Jesus for healing and removed from Brenda. Brenda’s heart break was then ministered to. The broken parts of Brenda’s heart had rejection, fear of the future, sorrow, anger, sadness, financial burdens, loss, hurt and more. These parts were sent to Jesus and He ministered to them. They reported to us that they saw angels. After these parts were sent to Jesus, Lynn was confronted. He stated he used photographs, clothing and furniture that he had of hers to astral project to her. After I prayed over them and washed them in the blood of Jesus Lynn stated Brenda had photos of him in her possession. These were washed in the blood of Jesus removing all ties between Lynn and Brenda. Lynn was then sent out of Brenda to Jesus as well.

Then the demonic spirits that had entered Brenda’s soul and flesh were confronted. Spirits of sadness and sorrow were evicted with generational curses. Demons were then removed that came from their past relationship. Spirits of witchcraft, new age, occult, revenge, hate, infirmity, loss, rejection and more. Jesus delivered Brenda from this past caustic relationship. Continue to pray for Brenda’s full deliverance and healing.

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