Destruction Came Into Her From Surgery

Destruction is a demon! It can enter through many means. This particular time it entered a woman through multiple surgeries. Not only did the spirit of destruction come in, but spirit husband’s and more. I recently ministered to Brenda again. She is the wonderful sister in the Lord who has been in the crime fighting arena her entire adult life. Brenda has much heart break as reported in previous newsletters and blogs. She had a rough childhood with a mother who was tormented mentally. Her parents fought often and her mom did crazy things. Later in life Brenda would go through a divorce giving her more rejection. This would lead her to plastic surgery to help her self esteem.

destruction marked objects surgery ward

Brenda had 2 hip replacement surgeries, nose, face, breast and stomach surgery. The spirits of rejection and destruction held her broken heart. Her heart had broke when her husband divorced her. She had much self rejection and thought that nobody wanted her. I had to minister to her broken heart. Words of encouragement from the word of God were spoken over her. This brought healing to the broken parts and they were sent to Jesus. There were young broken parts during this deliverance session as well. A 5 year old part of Brenda’s heart came forward. This part was scared and hiding from mommy and daddy as they were fighting. Little Brenda was led to Jesus and all of the fear removed.

Surgeries brought in demons.

Destruction was confronted and tormented by the Holy Angels swords and fire of the living God. This spirit revealed that the hip placements were marked for destruction. I have ran into this many times in deliverance. You see when something is placed inside you it has a mark on it. The device is numbered and marked by the devil. This brings in the spirit of destruction with it. If you have had surgery in the past pray over what was placed in you. Wash it in the blood of Jesus and remove any mark of destruction. Then command the demon of destruction out of your flesh! After the demon of destruction and rejection lost their grasp on Brenda’s broken heart they had to leave.

They weren’t removed until other things were divulged. Demons of spirit husband, lust, pride and more were attached to the previous surgeries as well. These entered from the breast implants. The implants had been removed, but the spirits had never been confronted. Today they would all be commanded out of Brenda into the abyss in Jesus mighty name! The name above all names! Continue to pray for Brenda’s heart to be healed. This is all that the enemy is holding onto. God Bless! Troy Rockers

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