Counterfeit Marriage

Troy and I met once again with a woman we have been ministering to. This woman who is a detective in the prison system has been through some very traumatic events in her life. We have made such headway and I’m so proud of how she is doing. Brenda (not her real name) has had many demons expelled from her, and underneath all of these demons were parts of her heart that were extremely broken from her earliest youth to her adult life. It was in this session that a counterfeit marriage was dealt with.

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A counterfeit marriage is a marriage not ordained by God. There are many people that are in these types of marriages, and unless both parties become Christians and seek the Lord (and go through deliverance) they have many problems. Examples would be if one person was a Christian and the other was not, and the Christian thought that they could change the other spouse. Or if two people come together because of physical attraction and know very little else about each other. These are just two examples, there can be many others. However, a counterfeit marriage will drain you and waste your time. It will detour, and delay your walk with the Lord, and the path you are supposed to be on. We are not to be unequally yoked, however people succumb to relationships for so many reasons, loneliness, lust, etc.

Brenda was expelling many demons out during this session when a particularly aggressive Jezabel spirit surfaced. Troy began demanding this demon state it’s legal rights and to depart from her. The demon said it came from her ex-husband. This man she has been divorced from for years! It said it married her when she married her husband. Wow! I was amazed. Here she had been dealing with physical and mental trauma from a demon that was not even from her own bloodline. It was from her ex-husband’s bloodline. Yes, brothers and sisters demons can and do transfer from close relationships. When you become one with ANYONE you are vulnerable to all demons inhabiting them, even if the relationship they traveled from is long over.

The marriage had not been a good one for this woman, and she had many regrets and broken heart parts over this relationship. We had already dealt with many issues during previous deliverance sessions that pertained to this past relationship. But the demon had hidden, it only came up as more and more of her heart became healed and whole. At this point we had Brenda say a prayer renouncing the marriage in the spiritual realm and canceling the assignment of this demon. It left her with much throwing up and wailing. Afterward, we prayed for more physical healing upon her head and neck. The demon had brought her intense head pain and neck pain during this session.

Brenda has been committed to walking out her deliverance and seeking the Lord. I know she has a strong call on her life. She desires to work with sex-trafficked abused children and she is uniquely qualified to do this. I believe the Lord is preparing her for this work and brought her into our lives for this purpose. We will share more updates as we continue with her deliverance! For the glory of God! I ask for prayers for her continued deliverance. She is a strong warrior for God, and I am so blessed to be apart of her walk.

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Your sister in the Lord,

Ann Rockers

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