To give ministry service, care, or aid; attend, as to wants or necessities.

Man crying who needs ministry

Your Ministry is Right in Front of You

Do you understand that your ministry is right in front of you? I came to this realization a while back, Troy had at the time been trying to figure out how to reach people for ministry. We were at a family gathering with his family and I was visiting with his sister. I could see she was upset and needed inner healing. It was at that moment the Lord spoke clearly to me and very …

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Do Demons Exist? How do we know?

I have been involved in deliverance ministry for several years and have ministered alongside my husband as well as at times by my self to numerous people. I have learned that you never stop learning about the enemy, and how he works in the lives of every single person on earth. It is the Holy Spirit that must give you discernment on how to battle the enemy of our souls. In my experience, most people …

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woman crying by window

Fear And Faith they oppose each other

As Christians we are never without trials. Jesus Himself said we would have these trials, however He would deliver us from everyone of them. This past few weeks we have been in a trial. Troy recently received some news that would challenge us in many ways. Suddenly we were making Dr appointments and consulting specialists. Of course it’s always a waiting game with a medical diagnosis, and this is when fear can step in and …

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African woman

Deliverance from African Witchcraft

Receiving testimonials is what brings so much joy for Troy and I. Recently we  were contacted along with a donation to the ministry with a note from a woman that we had ministered to in March of 2014. These women were from Africa and we would discover the ancient roots of “African Witchcraft”.   “I visited you in March 2014 for deliverance along with my daughter (the lady from Africa). God is still working wonders for …

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Ministry Events

Here are a couple of ministry events that took place during our time in a South Kansas City Church. The Lord had Troy and I ministering in a church that was located in South Kansas City for about a year and a half. This church was located in a high crime area. We had the privilege of getting to know the people and the community through this time and we enjoyed many close relationships that …

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Polish Man Gets His Deliverance via Skype

Ministry Via Skype In Poland We have ministered via Skype to many individuals. There have been times we have had to minister through different time zones. This was the case for a young man that contacted us for ministry from the country of Poland. I will call him Tim for privacy in this letter. Tim has come to a relationship with Christ recently. He was raised Catholic and his family still are practicing Catholics. Tim …

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