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woman crying by window

Woman be loosed from your infirmity

A woman had attended a meeting to be loosed from an infirmity. This happened a few weeks ago at a previous meeting in Nebraska hosted by Jay Bartlett Missions. Troy and I traveled to attend and minister as needed with Pastor Bartlett. We have attended meetings of his in various cities and at this particular meeting, Troy was asked along with a couple of other men from his California church to minister until Jay arrived …

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Hidden Unforgiveness

Unforgiveness can come in many forms, it can be so hidden that you don’t even realize that you have it. This was the case with a woman we have been ministering to for some time. She is a woman that has been a detective for years investigating the most horrendous cases of abuse. Troy had spoken about unforgiveness in the previous week on our Jesus Saves On-Line church. It was following this message that Debbie …

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Counterfeit Marriage

Troy and I met once again with a woman we have been ministering to. This woman who is a detective in the prison system has been through some very traumatic events in her life. We have made such headway and I’m so proud of how she is doing. Brenda (not her real name) has had many demons expelled from her, and underneath all of these demons were parts of her heart that were extremely broken …

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What Do You See When You Look In The Mirror?

Does the interior match the exterior? It was a hot Summer day and I was meeting my friend at her apartment pool for a quick visit. She had told me a friend of hers would be with her, a friend that I hadn’t met before. When I arrived I noticed my friend right away, sitting in the shade with her friend. As I approached she smiled and introduced me to her friend Natasha. Natasha was …

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Battling Spirits of Lust

Spirits of Lust We have ministered to several men and women who are Christians that struggle with lust. Becoming a Christian doesn’t automatically make you holy and pure. Becoming more like Christ is a life long process that the Christian must press through to finish this race here on planet earth. It is the work of the Holy Spirit that will finish this work in us. So why do we still struggle? Why are there …

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woman crying by window

Fear And Faith they oppose each other

As Christians we are never without trials. Jesus Himself said we would have these trials, however He would deliver us from everyone of them. This past few weeks we have been in a trial. Troy recently received some news that would challenge us in many ways. Suddenly we were making Dr appointments and consulting specialists. Of course it’s always a waiting game with a medical diagnosis, and this is when fear can step in and …

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